Inspired by the heritage of impeccable craftsmanship, Nikos has evoked the luxury and refinement of international quality products to provide its customers with the wide range of products. All the gifts designed in collaboration with the premium quality and variety of colors to give you maximum satisfaction with every purchase. We are all set to get the new wings for a great flight ahead. Explore our range to know our strengths and get your favorite.

Corporate gifts are perfect for any occasion from events to client gifting to staff rewards and recognition, we have something for every moment. We offer refined creations for your extra special moments because we know that employees are equal to the family. The geometric approach for developing extraordinary gifts using the traditional techniques leads our way to the all new range of the products. Our product range includes Diaries, Fridge Magnets, Leather Products, Gift Hampers, Mouse Pads, Office Accessories, Coasters, etc. Being the mindful manufacturers of Corporate Gifts In Mumbai. Our product range features timeless motifs, stylish packaging, international elegance and excellence in craftsmanship for your complete satisfaction.

Nikos Has Launched A New Range Of Gifts For Its Global Clientele:-

Diaries – For the pragmatist diaries are the most important thing no matter what happens around them. The organizer diaries that are portable in size are the true companion for such people. We have a huge range of diaries for everyone who loves to write and share everything with the blank pages only. We provide notebooks, writing folders, organizers, promotional diaries, printed diaries and personalized diaries among various others. The product is useful for writing down day-to-day affairs and concerns. It is a practical, durable and discreet product that is used in almost every office. All the diaries have smooth, featherweight paper and bindings that bestow quality.

Leather Products – The leather products is one of the diverse and recognizable collections of gift items as it shows the prestige of the giver and it feels luxurious when the receiver get the gift. Whether it is a bag or a diary, leather corporate gifts always make you clients feel special. The leather gifts have fine details, luxurious feel and glossy finish to make anyone fall in love with their quality. The iconic grain leather is the defensive feature of the products no matter if you keep them as the corporate gift or the personalized one. From the office to your home, leather products are suitable for any place and any moment.

Office Accessories – Gifting your employees, office accessories is a great idea and there is no chance for which your employees can refuse to accept it. As per the gifting guidelines, the office accessories are the perfect gift from all the aspects whether it is price or privacy. They are fit for every occasion, they are not seasonal at all and your employees will never mind to accept them, so don’t hesitate to choose it as your business gift. The hardworking employees need a tap of appreciation with a perfect gift. The presence of every essential gives it resilience to make it a perfect choice for the desk sets.

Coasters – Coffee works like an instant boost on the late Friday nights. When the luck is hard, spilled coffee can ruin your all day work in some seconds and you cannot even fix them back. Introduce the style of your office living with these modern pieces of coasters and protect your documents from spilling over your hard work. The surface of the coasters saves your mugs to lose its grip and prevents them from spillage. The exciting designs of the product are functional and fun at the same time. Keep your worktop clean, organized and stylish with these coasters.

About Nikos –

Incorporated in 1984Nikos has become a brand to offer a wide range of Promotional Gifts In Mumbai and all over the globe. We have introduced some style inspiration and a range of products that are perfect for making your moments extra special. The products we offer mark a distinction and arrive you with the exquisite gift wrapping to make your clients and employees feel special. From high quality accessories to personalized gifts, we have everything for everyone.